Why Your Advertising Is Boring And Does Not Produce Sales

This advertising critique is of the JEEP Facebook post above … and … please …  someone get me a coffee or coke so I don’t fall asleep … because this ad is so b-o-r-i-n-g and a nothing-burger!

The last time I looked, ALL new cars selling for over $20,000 come with synch technology that lets the driver “connect at your convenience” and have heating and cooling to “control your environment”!

This ad tells me what I would EXPECT and ASSUME already!  Nothing new.  Nothing superior.  Nothing exciting.  Nothing different. 

This is like advertising for a new TV and saying it comes with a remote control and sound adjustment!  Duh – of course it does!

One of the biggest sins in advertising is to be boring.  You must do research and tell people interesting things they have NOT heard before.  This is what will get and keep their attention – and get them to buy.

In fact, It is not unusual for me to spend 75% of my time researching a product or service to discover these interesting things, and only 25% of my time writing the advertising. 

In advanced marketing, we use something called Consumer Awareness Level.  In Jeep’s case, people are already aware of the features mentioned in the ad, so it does no good to use them in the headline.  Instead, they should research and feature what is new and exciting that would get potential customers to click on the ad and come into a dealership!

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This Ad Critique Shows Why Being Too Clever Does NOT Work in Advertising

This critique is of the Ebay ad above.  It features the slogan “Fill your cart with color”. 

Now, why would that slogan get me to visit Ebay? 

It is very vague.

Are they selling crayons? 

Or coloring books? 

This is one of the worst ads I’ve ever seen. 

I am a prospective customer of Ebay, but I’m very happy shopping online at their admitted main competitor Amazon now.  Ebay’s advertising slogan of “Fill your cart with color” gives me NO good reason to visit Ebay. 

On the other hand, if their advertising told me why they are different and superior to Amazon, then I would be interested.

For example, Ebay’s ad could tell me I can buy thousands of slightly used products for up to 80% off new product prices.

Or Ebay’s ad could tell me I can buy cool, unique, handmade and collector items that not everyone else has.

But not “Fill your cart with color”.  That sounds like something a child came up with, or a 3-martini lunch! 

The point of advertising is NOT to be clever – but to sell, and to sell, you have to differentiate and tell the prospect specifically the benefits of your product or service. 

C’mon Ebay.  You can spend your millions a lot more effectively than this!  Heck, my 16-year-old son could do better than this!

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