About Improve Your Advertising.com


The secret to selling something—whether it’s a product, service or even your credibility—is speaking to people in a way that entices them and earns their trust. Effective marketing materials depend on finding this balance and the ones that do result in stunning success! Unfortunately, it’s difficult to create advertising that’s wholly effective and often, companies fall short.

That’s where this website comes in!

Created by Mike Pavlish, this site is a learning platform for improving the appeal and effectiveness of marketing content. With more than 30 years of copywriting experience, Mike has developed an understanding of the natural voice advertising needs to flourish, not languish. His ability to generate appeal and prompt action from readers has created astonishing results for a long list of advertising campaigns—generating as much as double the profit of general marketing copy!

Through this website, Mike is sharing his proven insights about what works and what doesn’t in the world of advertising. Using real-world examples and delivering comprehensive explanations, Mike’s goal is to teach readers what to look out for as they create messaging, so the world is filled with better marketing and fewer pieces that end up scrutinized on this site!

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